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Exclusive pros of long-Distance Relationships – Look on the bright side!

We can all sit and debate if a long-distance relationship is a good idea in college, but for those of you that are already in too deep, it is good to be reminded of the exclusive pros attached to your long-distance relationship.

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Long distance is hard. Very hard. But don’t spend too much time dwelling on the obvious inconveniences of being apart. Long distance can be good too! Here’s why:

Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

Cliché, I know…But being separated from your significant other makes time together even more special.

There is always something to look forward to

With distance comes good days and bad days. You may often find yourself feeling a little down when you’re missing your special someone a little extra. But no matter your current mood, the good news is you always have something to look forward to. Whether it be a scheduled phone call later that day, or the day you finally get to see your love after a long time apart… Get excited!

You develop great communication skills

With distance comes necessary communication. In fact, communication in a LDR becomes the fundamentals of a lasting relationship. Whether it be a text, call, or a hand-written letter (my favorite!), it is always exciting to hear from your special someone.


While a long distance relationship doesn’t mean doing everything alone, you definitely have a little extra “me time.” This is a great opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. What would you like to do more of? What are your hobbies?..  Maybe you spend your alone time practicing a new healthy habit, like working out, going to bed early, or reading a new book. Whatever you choose to do when you are away from each other… becoming a better you should always be a priority!

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