Interesting, “Not Your Ordinary” Classes at ISU!

While being at Iowa State, we all have set classes and prerequisites that we have to take in order to complete our major requirements. However, there are always electives and general education requirements that we have to fulfill, so why not take classes that cover interesting topics or learn something completely new?

Usually at least one class every semester I choose to be a “fun” or “interesting” class, so that I always have at least one course to look forward to learning in. I highly recommend everyone do something like that, to get a break from our rigorous classes!

Here are some of my favorite “interesting” or not your ordinary classes that Iowa State has to offer. (Note: some of these courses are offered every semester, and others are offered only one semester per year, or every few semesters.)


SOC 219 – Sociology of Intimate Relationships.

I took this course in my freshman year, and it was one of my very favorite classes. If you are interested romantic, friendship and family relationships and as to how they function or their theories, this is the course for you. Sexuality, communication in relationships, being single vs. dating, choosing your partner, marriage and cohabitation are among some of the things that are discussed. Not only did I gain a better understanding of how relationships work, but I also learned how to have more successful relationships with everyone in my life. It is a very interesting thing to learn about and should count as a social sciences credit!

This course also has a lot of discussion, and a lot of people tend to share their dating stories, which is a lot of fun!


WS 203 – Introduction to Lesbian Studies.

This class will count as a diversity credit, and also discusses the history of lesbianism, which is something that is not discussed often. It is definitely a great class to gain new perspectives, and learn about something you may not get the opportunity to learn about! I really enjoyed that this was a class that was engaging, as opposed to just a lecture or being read from PowerPoint slides.


HSP M 383: Introduction to Wine, Beer, and Spirits

If you’re 21 or older, this is a fun class to take. It teaches the introduction of history and methods of production of wine, beer and spirits!

You also get to drink and taste wine and beer in class!


HD FS 276 – Human Sexuality.

This is a well-known, famous class at Iowa State, and also counts as a social sciences credit. If you interested in.. well.. this topic, (haha) you won’t be disappointed.


WS 450 – Human Trafficking Seminar.

This is a topic that is not often talked about in great detail. This course is really great for people who have an interest in the topic of human trafficking, or an interest in activism. This is not a typical “lecture” course, as we had lots of discussions and learned together. For me, a documentary lover, we watched a lot of documentaries in this class which was definitely my favorite part of this course.


DANCE 250X – Yoga.

Taking a yoga class on campus among your classes, and getting a credit for it too?! Sounds great to me! If you are currently someone who practices yoga and needs to find a way to fit it into your schedule, or you are someone who has always been interested in yoga, then this would be the perfect opportunity for you.


There’s definitely lots of other classes that are really fun or interesting to take here, but those are just a few that I know of!

Always make the most out of your college career and learn about something new!

Good luck.

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