How to Jumpstart YOUR Career with Iowa State

At Iowa State in every college, including in the Ivy College of Business, we have an excellent value-added service called Career Services. In the Ivy College of Business, Business Career Services connects students, alumni and faculty/staff with programs and services. Such programs and services include: researching careers, creating a resume, interviewing, career fairs, and negotiation skills.

I have been heavily involved with Business Career Services since my freshman year of college. Earlier is always better to get advice, and I have been able to have three internships and two co-ops in my major of supply chain management over my four years in the College of Business. As a business student, one of the classes that you will take is BUSAD 203. This class is called “Business Careers and Employment Preparation” where you will learn more about job search, functioning professionally, resume and professional correspondence, interviewing, evaluating offers, business etiquette, networking and transiting from student to employee.

Internships primarily occur during the summer between semesters while co-ops are extended internships where a student will take a semester off from school, while maintaining their full-time student status, to work for a company either during the summer-fall, or spring-summer semesters. The value that Career Services adds for every student really sets ISU students apart. When I started at Iowa State, I never thought that I would have even one internship experience where I could immediately go out and apply my education, but I am so glad that I have!

With the Business and Technology Career Fair coming up quickly, students can drop in for 10-minute appointment Express Hours from 9-11am and 1-3pm each day, Monday through Friday, during the fall and spring semesters.

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