What I Learned from the Career Fairs!

I am a second-year student in journalism & mass communications, with a marketing communications and writing focus. This past week we had the Engineering, Business Industry/Technology, and People to People career fairs, and I attended them all.

Although it was a little nerve-wrecking, I learned a lot, and I wanted to share my experiences.


Engineering Career Fair.

The ISU Engineering Career Fair is one of the largest career fairs in the nation.

As a journalism major, I got some strange looks and was asked frequently while attending the engineering career fair, “Why are you here?”

So why was I there?

First of all, when on that job or internship hunt, you have to get creative and explore your options. Many engineering companies have communications, marketing or public relations positions, so I knew it was worth a shot. I was able to submit eight resumes by the end of the day!

Next, I wanted a chance to be able to practice speaking to people. The more practice you get, the better you’ll be! Given that I was able to tackle the engineering career fair, which is HUGE, I felt much more confident and knew I was ready to tackle on just about anything else!


Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair.

This career fair had a lot more companies that were seeking people in my major, so I prepped for this one pretty well. I looked on CyHire, looked at what positions were available and applied to as many as I could, and then pinpointed the companies that I had sent job applications to that were going to be at this career fair. I did some research on each company, and prepared a little speech for each one.

This will allow for companies to get to know you a little better, and they’re more likely to look over your resume if you went through the effort to meet them in person. I was also able to ask them for more information on the specific positions that I had applied for.


People to People Career Fair.

This career fair had a lot of employers seeking students that were interested social or human services, hospitality, government and other positions! I also got to talk to potential schools to complete professional programs or graduate school, which was cool and allowed me to explore my options. There was also a photo booth that took a professional head shot for me, for free!


My main takeaways.

  1. Always take a leap of faith. Even if you’re a freshman, didn’t do any research on any of the companies, or you’re not the best speaker, just do it! You learn from your experiences, and it will help you become better prepared for when you do need to land an internship or job!
  2. Be confident in yourself! You’re in college for a reason, you have talents, share them and talk about them!
  3. Know that it’s not the end of the world if you couldn’t submit any resumes or land any interviews. Career fairs are also about networking, discovering new companies, and learning how to talk to employers!
  4. Don’t walk 36,000 steps in heels. I wore heels all day for both days, averaging 16,000-19,000 steps each day. At the end of the second day, one of my heels broke off. Always bring a back up pair of comfortable shoes.

And of course I have to share my career fair outfit!

Congratulations to everyone who attended, and good luck to those who will attend in the future!

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