Spring Break in Denver

Hello everyone!

I’m back from spring break and attempting to get back into the swing of my normal schedule.

Last week was a much needed break. I spent the week all over the place. The first five days of break three of my best friends and I loaded up a car and headed to Denver, Colorado. We all wanted to go somewhere for break, but weren’t really feeling the typical beach scene and didn’t want to spend a ton of money. None of us had ever really explored Denver, so we figured it was the perfect place.

From Ames to Denver is a little over a 10 hour drive. With four people driving we each just had to drive a little over two hours, which wasn’t bad at all. We were on the last leg of our trip and were about 30 minutes from Denver when we got a flat tire. While this normally wouldn’t be a huge deal to anyone else, none of us were super comfortable with our tire changing abilities, we were kind of in the middle of nowhere and it ended up that we were also missing a part that was necessary to change the tire.

After an almost two hour ordeal with a police officer who also didn’t know how to change a tire, attempting to change it without realizing that we were missing a part and a short hike to a nearby gas station, we found a towing company who came and changed the tire for us. They even gave us a discount since we were on spring break, so you can’t really beat that. We were back on the road and drove to a nearby Wal-Mart where they literally gave us an extra free tire so that we had a pair of new tires instead of just one. Once again, how can you beat that?

We finally made it to our Airbnb several hours after we had initially anticipated. We still had plenty of time to go out for the night and explore our surroundings a little. Our trip was spent exploring different areas of Denver, shopping, going to art museums and hiking in various locations. While we averaged about one small disaster daily (bumping someone’s car while parking, getting locked out of our Airbnb and accidentally going to the wrong museum to name a few), the trip was a blast and ended up being an affordable way to spend break making some fun memories with my closest friends.

After returning from Denver and spending a few days at home enjoying downtime with my family, I’m ready to take on the rest of the semester. Hopefully it will go a little more smoothly than my spring break trip, but will be just as full of fun.


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