Surviving Midterms with the Business Café

Here at Iowa State in the Ivy College of Business, many classes have midterm exams, papers and projects. To get us through this tough stretch of the semester, we also have our own café in the Gerdin Business Building! The Business Café is open 7:30am-7:00pm which is great when you are struggling to wake up before class, or maybe you want to grab a quick lunch. You can even meet in the café for group projects/study sessions during/after-hours!

Business Café in Gerdin:

(Photo Source: Iowa State Daily)

The menu on Monday, March 5:

As seen above of the menu, the grab-and-go section with the bakery gives students many options to satisfy their hunger. The coffee that fuels students at Iowa State and in the Ivy College of Business Café is from the Roasterie in Kansas City. Danny O’Neill founded the Roasterie and partnered with Iowa State University to create our own custom Roasterie Blend known as 1858 (the year Iowa State was founded). On Monday’s, coffee is just $1.25 and always brewed fresh!

Just one of the many perks being a business student at Iowa State is that everything we need is truly in the building. While the Business Café area, closes at 7pm, students can still access the space to sit at the tables to study solo or with a group. Of course, most weeks of the semester are not concentrated like midterms can be, but with using the Business Café, students will be able to be more productive and enjoy their extra study time on campus.

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