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Time for a Post Spring Break Self Check-In!

After a much-needed break, it’s time to start the final stretch of spring semester!

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Before the crazy sprint to final projects and exams starts, I think it’s important to do a self-check-in in order to have a happy and healthy end of the semester. Here are some questions to reflect on:

How is my mental health? Am I too stressed?

This is the first question for a reason- checking in with your thoughts and emotions at this point in the semester is very important. There are plenty of online assessments and resources on campus to help you reflect on this.

Am I eating enough healthy food?
Think about what you’ve eaten throughout the past few days. Are you eating meals with enough fruits, vegetables, and protein to get the energy you need? Are you finding time every day to eat enough or is is it falling on the back burner?

Am I drinking enough water?
For me, at this part of the semester it’s super easy to replace every glass of water with coffee. Only drinking coffee is super dehydrating so don’t do that! Do you have a water bottle? Do you bring it to all of your classes? There are convenient drinking fountains all around campus specifically designed for refilling water bottles.

Am I putting 110% effort into my classes and learning everything I can from them?
It can be easy to slack in classes and get by with the minimal effort required at this point in the semester, but I’d encourage you to try to learn everything you can from every class. When I do this, I’ve found classes become more enjoyable!

Am I making meaningful connections with friends/professors/advisors?
The connections you make during college are so super important. Take a step back and look at the range of people you socialize with throughout the day. Make as many connections as you can with a wide range of people! If you’re an introvert like me, this can be exhausting so make sure you’re taking the time to recharge by yourself between socializing.

Am I involved on campus as much as I’d like to be?
It’s never too late to get involved on campus. Read the posters around Iowa State about upcoming opportunities, check the events page on the MyState app, and look at the club page on the Iowa State website to see where you could get involved!

How am I making time for myself?
It’s just as important to take time for yourself as it is to get involved on campus, make connections, and put effort into your classes. Do you have any relaxing hobbies or places you like to go to take a break from everything? If not, try a new hobby and go on an adventure!

What am I enjoying about my classes that I might want to pursue further?
College is the time to find what you’re passionate about and decide what you want to pursue further. Think back to your classes so far- were there any projects or lecture topics that you found especially interesting? When deciding what classes you sign up for for the summer and fall semesters, keep those topics in mind.

Continue checking in throughout the semester so when dead week hits, you’ll be totally ready!

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