Do you wanna study abroad?

Hello! How many of you want the chance to live in another country for a semester or year? I know I do!

Studying abroad can be exciting! But it can also be kind of intimidating and could get expensive if not done right. I wanted to share my process of deciding to go forth with this decision and how to handle the process, along with other tips.

Reasons to study abroad:

  • Gain a more global perspective and build international business skills. (This looks great on a resume as well!)
  • Experience something new. How many times in our lives do we have the opportunity to live in another country?! Take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you when you can.
  • In some cases, studying abroad for a semester can be cheaper than a semester at Iowa State, especially with some of the scholarships specifically for study abroad programs.
  • Learn to be more independent. Living in a new country really forces you to learn new skills that will help you develop as a person.
  • Become better at speaking a language that you’re trying to learn.
  • Have fun!

Interested? Click here to view the programs offered through Iowa State! There’s exchange programs, intern abroad programs, and study abroad programs! There’s also shorter programs, such as summer programs or spring break programs as well if a semester/year is too much!

Alternatives: search online for opportunities to volunteer abroad, teach English programs, or plan a trip!

Things to consider before submitting your application:

Housing. Are dorms offered at your university of choice or do you have to find other arrangements? Also, how will you handle housing when you return to Ames? If you’re studying abroad for just one semester, I suggest going with the residence halls or university apartments at Iowa State for the semester that you’re here in Ames, so that way you don’t have to deal with subleasing/finding a sublease.

Curriculum requirements. What classes are offered at your university of choice in English (or other languages that you can speak) that you can get done while you’re there? Are there any you need to get done and out of the way at Iowa State before you go/when you return? Always talk to your adviser and see what will make things for a smooth trip! Bonus: you can often use studying abroad as a capstone course for some curriculum.

Finances. Studying abroad can have extra costs, and in many cases you won’t be able to work while being abroad, so it’s good to save up some money before you go!

After submitting your application:

This is the fun part. Enjoy your time in Ames, and look forward to a great new semester in a new place! Make fun memories before you go, and make even more memories while you’re there. And of course, PACKING!

Choose your adventure!


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