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Want to Learn HTML5 and CSS? There’s a Class for That!

Howdy all!

There have been several classes that I’ve taken so far at Iowa State that I would consider life-changing. One of these classes was COM S 106: Introduction to Web Programming. It’s a three-credit course offered online for people who want to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. No background coding experience is expected!

I. Loved. This. Class.

Every week, there’s a book chapter assigned, a lecture, a short quiz on the reading/lecture, and a short coding assignment. The assignments build off of each other so every week you’re adding to and improving one website. For the final class project, you get to build your own personal website and learn how to set it up on the Iowa State server!

I know it might sound daunting to take this class entirely online, but you can contact your TA with any questions through e-mail or the in-person office hours and there are plenty of resources in the weekly modules so you can really understand the material.

Knowing some basic HTML5 and CSS and being able to build your own website from scratch are great skills to have and can be a great addition to your resume. You might discover you love web design or front-end web development like I did and decide to pursue it further. Or, even if it’s not your favorite thing, you’ll still have a sweet personal website by the end of the class.

Did I mention this class is entirely online? Hello, schedule freedom.

When a class is so interesting that you look forward to doing your homework every week, you know it’s a good choice. If you’re interested in taking a class on front-end programming and web design, I can’t recommend COM S 106 enough.

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