All About Eaton

Eaton Hall is one of the few suite style dorms at Iowa State. I personally just wanted a suite style so I would only have to share a bathroom with a few people, but after moving in I loved it for so many more reasons.

First off, the bathroom thing is super nice because you get to keep all of your things in there and it’s connected to your room so you don’t have to go down the hall to shower or use the restroom. You also get your own sink in Eaton; there’s one in each room. The sink is a luxury in and of itself because you don’t have to leave your room to brush your teeth or get a glass of water.

Another thing I love about Eaton is that there are multiple dens/study rooms you can utilize. Most dorms only have one den for the whole floor but in Eaton, we have one “den” which is the bigger gathering space and two conference rooms/study rooms on each side of the floor. So overall there are six rooms that you can go to to study or hang out in if you don’t want to be in your dorm room.

Being in a suite style also allows you to adapt to college any way you want, but this could also be a bad thing. In a suite style it is a little more difficult to meet people if you aren’t the most outgoing person. But if you put in just a little effort then you can still become really close friends with lots of people on your floor. My roommate and I like to keep our door open, which is probably one of the best ways to meet new people, and if you see someone with their door open, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Suite styles are also great because instead of getting one roommate, you in a way get three. Even though you have your own space with just you and your roommate, you have the chance to get really close with your suite mates as well. My first semester, my roommate, suite mates, and I got along super well and we were always in each others’ rooms hanging out and talking. And then of course if you don’t get along with your suite mates, you can always just keep your bathroom door closed. But with the suite styles you get the chance to choose your suite mates so you can get to know them before you decide to live together.

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