My IMPAACT Retreat Experience!

All semester, a group of students and I had been planning for a weekend retreat for Asian-American students called IMPAACT (ISU Making Progress for the Asian-American Community Today). After months of curriculum building, processing funding requests and more, it was finally time for the retreat.

Early Saturday morning on April 14, the 40ish of us got in vans and drove to Ogden. Upon arrival, we put our luggage in our cabins and were ready to go for a long day. 

The afternoon was filled with various activities and workshops. I got to facilitate and teach a curriculum as well at the end of the night. I had been planning a session with my friend John, which was about dating in college. We discussed different topics such as the pros and cons of dating within your friend group, when to make the decision to start dating with someone, and how to have healthy experiences with dating apps such as Tinder.

At the end of the night, we had karaoke and a bonfire! A lot of us went to bed before midnight because we were so exhausted from a long day.

The next morning we got up early and ate breakfast together, then finished up with the last activities. My personal favorite activity was the “Touch Someone If” activity we did. We sat all sat in a circle and closed our eyes, and a select group of us were in the middle. A facilitator would read a phrase such as, “touch someone who made you laugh,” “touch someone who you are proud of,” “touch someone who you think would make a good leader.”

The group of students in the middle would then go around and touch those who fit that sentence. By the end of the activity, everyone had the chance to touch someone and be touched. And the tears, the tears were real…

I had the opportunity to be a family leader, meaning that I got to be the leader for a small group of students throughout the retreat. I love my family and we became good friends afterwards!

It’s experiences like this that Iowa State gives us the opportunity to have, that let us bond as a community and grow as student leaders. I am so happy I got to be a part of this IMPAACT-ful experience. I can’t wait for the next retreat, and encourage anyone who is interested to come attend!


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