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What to Expect in Eaton Hall

Attention all incoming freshmen! After eagerly waiting for your room assignments, finally finding out which residence hall you will be living in is exciting! For those of you who will be living in Eaton Hall, here is what to expect…

Suite-style living

Unlike your traditional residence hall, Eaton is special because you and your roommate have the luxury of sharing a common bathroom with just two other suite-mates. This is exciting because it means you will never fall victim to the awkward post-shower bathrobe walk down the hallway! The bathroom is connected to your room! Additionally, all suite-style rooms have a sink, mirror and vanity space making it even easier to get ready in the morning!

Study spaces

Another reason Eaton Hall is a great place to live is it has multiple study spaces on each floor, including a computer lab equipped with printers! These spaces are great for when you are in need of a quite study nook and it is too cold to make the trek to the library!

Laundry on each floor

Two washers and dryers are available on each floor. The machines are conveniently just a walk down the hall, and payable with your ISU Card!

Spacious living quarters 

As far as your bedroom goes, Eaton rooms seem to be more spacious than the traditional residence style halls. On move-in day your room will be furnished with two lofted wooden bunks, two personal desks, two armories (or wardrobes closets), and two 3-drawer dressers. Additionally there is space above the the armories for four storage bins! (if you choose to bring them)

Conveniently located near State Gym and the Union Drive Community Center, Eaton Hall is a wonderful place to start your freshman year at Iowa State! To get a better idea of where you will be living, here are a couple pictures of my freshman year dorm room in Eaton Hall:

In case you were wondering how many people you can fit in between your college bunks, the answer is 15.

Eaton Hall dorms provide plenty of room for dorm room yoga!

You will find yourself spending way to much time on your dorm floor hanging out with hall-mates and doing homework.

And therefore, vacuuming your room becomes a frequent occurrence …A community vacuum is just a walk down the hall (located in your floor’s laundry room).

Finally, making your bed in a top bunk isn’t an easy task, and therefore I applaud whoever is successful in making this a daily ritual in the dorms!


Happy dorm living!

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