Attention Future Cyclones

Four years ago, I chose my adventure in a new state, new school, with new people and new everything. From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew that Iowa State was right for me. I chose Iowa State for the ability to pair my academic goals with the ability to participate in clubs and organizations inside and outside of my major. Since then, I have chosen my major of Supply Chain Management, joined the Supply Chain Management Club, have held several leadership positions in Greek life, had two internships and one co-op work experience, completed the Gerdin Citizenship Program, became a Leadership Fellow, Business Ambassador, and went to Normandy, France, to represent the United States with the Iowa State University Cyclone Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band.

If you told me during senior year in high school that I would accomplish all this in three short years of college so far, I would think you are crazy!

Photo by: Chris Davidson

By joining the Iowa State Marching Band before my freshman year, I gained 345 friendly faces that I could instantly recognize on campus each day. I could ask these people anything because of our common music connection. Going to Econ 101 on the first day of class, I walked in confident knowing there would be somebody I knew and sure enough, there was. I may not have a music major or a music minor, but I have always had the music community at Iowa State to pull me through and advise me on things ranging from declaring my major to what CyRide buses to ride around town.  Throughout my college career, the people I have gotten to know have helped challenge what I have thought was possible. I have learned more about my likes and dislikes, but the strong passion and relationship I have with the music program has never changed.

Photo by: Kevin Oran

One of the most memorable experiences I have had in my college career so far, was having the honor and privilege of being selected to represent the United States in Normandy, France, for D-Day. I was able to perform at St. Mere-Eglise and the Normandy American Cemetery. I was also able to visit Utah Beach, Mont St. Michel, and even sight see in Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. The most interesting part for me while in France was our marching performance at Jardin d’Acclimatation. The French celebrate D-Day and this joyous occasion displayed people being happy and merry around us as we played American marches down their streets. Experiencing another culture and visiting another country is something I would highly recommend during your college career.

Photo by: Chris Davidson

The reason I am telling you my story today is because I want you to find your passion at Iowa State. I have been able to be a part of something larger than myself because of Iowa State, and that has led to me being able to have experiences all around the world. I am who I am today because of the community and because of the people I have met at Iowa State. If I were to have the option of any school in the country, my heart is in Ames. I hope you see that your adventure will guide you to success.

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