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Sample Semester Schedule : Industrial Design

Considering industrial design? Wondering what your course schedule might look like with a three hour studio? Read on!…

Design is a unique world and trying to get a grasp of what your program schedule will look like isn’t always easy. Not to mention, your sophomore schedule is going to look significantly different from the freshman core program! In case you are among the many other industrial design students trying to see into the future, here is sneak peek of what you might expect as a sophomore in industrial design!

(Spring 2018, sophomore industrial design schedule)

Fifteen required credits. Not too bad right?! Monday, Wednesday, Friday is completely dedicated to my three hour studio class in which we often work on our current projects, give presentations, or receive demos. Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for my creative thinking, materials, and industrial design courses. While this may seem like a fairly empty schedule, you might be surprised at how fast it fills up! Here is a glimpse at how I choose to fill gaps throughout the week…

Breaks in your schedule can fill up fast! And as you can see, studio projects have their way of taking up a lot of your unscheduled time… but what you choose to do with that time is ultimately up to you!

My advice to you, though, is to treat your day like a 9-5 job. Personally, I prefer to stay on campus during my long breaks so that I can be as productive as I can during the day and rest later! This way, I avoid any mid-day procrastination and hopefully any late night scrambling getting projects done!

There’s no right way to plan out your semester…  And if you’re having trouble deciding on a design program, don’t be afraid to walk through the studio spaces within each program you are considering! Get a feel for the space, the people, and the projects you would be working on. The best way to figure things out is to talk to people! In the end, the decision ultimately up to you!

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