A Typical Day as a Full-Time Intern in Ames

Hello! How has your summer been going?

Since the beginning of May, I’ve been spending my summer break as the full-time marketing intern at Octadyne Systems and AutoJini here in Ames! As internships are vital to the college experience and sometimes even required for some majors (as it is for me), I thought it’d be good to share what a typical day is like.

What I do at work varies by the day, but unless I am given a special project, it’s usually relatively consistent. Our company mainly builds and designs websites, but different tasks and projects arise here and there. Here we go!

7:30am – Rise and shine! To help me wake up, I take a shower, drink some tea and eat my breakfast. I like to eat eggs or Nutella on toast.

8:30am – I’ve arrived at work and make myself some coffee. I usually talk a little bit with coworkers as I get my computer set up. Typically, I start out by making to-do lists and making sure I’m on top of everything that I need to get done, and sort through emails.

9:00am – What I do at work really depends on the day. One of the main things that I do is run and maintain a few different social media accounts, so I get started on that first today.

Here’s a picture of my desk!

10:30am – I need to write an article for the company’s blog, so I brainstorm different ideas and start researching and writing.

11:30am – I check on some brochure designs, check for issues or mistakes, and send back the revisions to the graphic designers.

12:30pm – Break time! I eat my lunch, which is usually bagels or rice, and catch up with my friends on my phone or look through Instagram. I use this time to run an errand, or go up on the rooftop to read.

1:00pm – Back to work! Another big part of my job is keeping track of marketing trends and implementing marketing strategies. I go to Google Analytics and study as well as enter data.

2:30pm – My boss wants to have a meeting to catch up on what I’ve been working on and gives me some new tasks.

3:00pm – A new website went live! I go through it to make sure that every link works and that the designs look good. I review all of the written content for any errors. I often write the content that goes on these websites as well.

4:00pm – The company wants to send out our monthly newsletter to our clients, so I start writing content for that and coming up with different design ideas.

4:45pm – Finished with work and time to go home!

6:00pm – I eat dinner and watch a few episodes of Friends.

9:00pm – Usually I’m just resting and chatting with my friends. Sometimes I do other things like grocery shop, do my laundry, clean my apartment, write, etc.

11:30pm – I try to go to bed by this time. Sometimes it’s a little earlier, sometimes it’s later. Either way, I’m usually super tired by this time.

And that’s a typical day for me! I hope everyone else is having a good summer, and I’m looking forward to the new semester in August!

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