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There are several Iowa State Facebook pages that are really useful and if you aren’t in them already, I would suggest that you look into them. If you are interested in joining any of the following pages, you can simply look up the name of them and request to join or like/follow them.

Roommate Search

The first Facebook page that you would want to be apart of before the school year starts would be the Iowa State University Class of (your graduating year). There are a few different ones that include a girls search, boys search, and then one for everyone. The roommate search page is an extremely helpful tool if you are coming into college and want a roommate that you don’t already know. The other great thing about this is that this way your roommate isn’t totally random. I got my roommate through this Facebook page and it worked out really well. I knew I wanted someone new but I didn’t want to go in blindly and end up rooming with someone I wasn’t compatible with. The roommate search allows you to find someone new that also shares your similar interests or the same major, or anything else you may want in a roommate.

Another great thing about the roommate search page is that even after your first year, you can still post in the page. If your roommate moves out, you can post that you have an open spot if anyone is looking for a place to move in. Or when people start getting new places for the next year, they can post in there about any availabilities they may have. People also post on the page about any subleasing opportunities available.

ISU Class of ____

The page I’m in is called Iowa State University Class of 2021, but every graduating year has a page just for them. In this page people can post about anything Iowa State related. Some people post on the page if they need to buy or sell basically anything a college student may need. Some people post their textbooks, this is nice because then you can see what’s available to buy at a cheaper price than buying one brand new or from the bookstore. People also use it for if they need to buy or sell tickets for any games, or any furniture they may not need anymore. Another nice thing about the page is that if you have an assignment where you need people to answer a survey or something you can post it on there and get more responses. You can also post on the page if you lose anything on campus and see if anyone has seen it or picked it up. Overall, it’s basically the go-to page for anything you may need at Iowa State.

Iowa State University RideShare

The ISU RideShare page is where people can post if they are going somewhere or need to go somewhere and if someone is going to the same place then they can comment on your post and you can tag along with them or they can tag along with you. This way you can pay less for gas and meet someone you may not have ever met otherwise. This is a good page to utilize especially if you are planning on going home or even just to Minneapolis for the weekend.

Iowa State University and Iowa State Athletics

The earlier pages are more posts from students to students, but the Iowa State University page and the Iowa State Athletics page are reliable posts from Iowa State’s staff. These pages give you lots of good info about the university and the events that are happening. The Iowa State University page posts many different things like pictures/videos of campus, news articles about the university, and other events that are going on on campus.

If you are a fan of ISU athletic teams, you can like and follow the page called “Iowa State Athletics.” This page will give you anything you need to know about any Iowa State team. There are also tons if pages that are specific to a certain sport, so if you just want to follow one sport instead of an overview of all of them, you can do that too.

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