Four Ways to Get Settled In at Iowa State

Coming to a new school and a new town can be kind of scary for some of us. I know that’s how I felt as an incoming freshman. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Today, I wanted to share a few different ways that helped me to get settled in at Iowa State when I first got here.

Attend Destination Iowa State (DIS). This year, it’s from August 16-18. When I went as a freshman, I had a blast! I got a bunch of free Iowa State gear, met other new incoming students, and got to explore the campus more. If you weren’t already planning on going, I definitely recommend you attend.

Search for clubs to join. Iowa State has tons and tons of different clubs and student organizations, so there’s surely a place (or two or three) for you! Clubs are the fastest way to make new friends, and better yet, people are attending the club meetings because of the same shared interest as you.

Decorate and personalize your dorm room (or apartment). Making your personal space feel more like home will help you get settled in to your new living situation. Bring some of your favorite sentimental items from home and keep them in your place in Ames! I chose to bring my favorite plants, some pictures, and stuffed animals.

Find a place on campus that you can call your safe spot. For me, it’s the Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union or the lake. Having at least one spot that you can escape to or rest in will help you feel more settled in, because you will have somewhere you can always go to while you’re out and about on campus.

Hopefully these tips will help Iowa State feel more like your new home. It just takes time, but you’ll love it here.

Good luck!

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