The Best Places to Study on Campus

One thing that helps me study is being in the right place and the right environment so I can focus and really get stuff done. The following list consists of some of the best places to study on campus and a few pros and cons to help you decide on where to go.

Parks Library

Parks Library is by far the best place to go if you really want to focus on studying with no distractions.

Pro: Everyone is there for the same thing so people won’t distract you as much because everyone is just trying to study. There are tons of resources around to help you with nearly anything you have questions about.

Con: If you go during Dead Week, it will probably be really busy all of the time.

Memorial Union

The MU is a great place to go study if you don’t want to take a long break to find a meal because you can leave your stuff at one of the tables, grab something to eat, and bring it back to your table and keep studying.

Pro: You don’t have to leave your study area while you’re wanting to have a meal. There’s lots of other quiet places throughout the MU that you could go to. My favorite place is on the east side of the second floor near some big windows.

Con: If you’re on the main floor, it’ll be loud and distracting because most people are there to eat or hang out, not necessarily to study.

The Business Cafe

The Business Cafe in Gerdin is personally my favorite place to go study. I go in the morning and get a cup of coffee and hang out at one of the tables until I have to go to class.

Pro: It’s small so it’s usually pretty quiet throughout the day which makes it easy to focus on studying. There’s lots to eat and drink throughout the whole day so you can leave your stuff at your space to get something at the counter.

Con: There are occasional busy rushes and most seats are next to the aisle so there are lots of people walking by where you’re sitting.



Starbucks is just always a great option because… well… it’s Starbucks.

Pro: You can get delicious coffee while your studying to help keep you awake and you can use pastries (or more coffee) as your motivator. There’s a cute little room that, if you can get a seat, helps block out some of the noise and distractions so you can usually get a lot of things done.

Con: There’s always a lot of people walking in and out so if you’re someone that gets distracted easily people watching, this might not be your place.

Central Campus

If you love being outside, central campus is where you probably want to be.

Pro: During the fall and spring, central campus has pretty warm temperatures so it’s perfect for being outside while reading and writing notes. It’s almost always beautiful and peaceful so it puts you in a good mood that helps motivate you to focus on studying.

Con: There aren’t many places to sit unless you want to sit on the ground, which is perfectly fine, but it’s just a little harder to study without a table.

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