Rundown of Destination Iowa State

Don’t know what a rundown is? Don’t know what Destination Iowa State (DIS) is? Are you too afraid to ask? Well, now you don’t have to because I’m going to give you everything you need to know about DIS and why you should attend.

DIS is a program to help YOU new students! It’s designed to make your transition to Iowa State, and college in general, easier. By attending DIS you can meet tons of new people and get to really know everyone in your group. You learn all about Iowa State and it’s traditions and about everything you need to know being a new student. You also get tons of free stuff (and food!), so why wouldn’t you go?

Day 1

You meet your group and get to know each other before venturing out into all of the activities they have set up in the Scheman Courtyard. You can play games, get information on organizations throughout ISU, and eat a delicious picnic dinner. You then get to go in Hilton Coliseum where you can get a free shirt and more information about being an Iowa State student!

Day 2

To start out the day you meet your team for breakfast. Throughout the whole second day, you go to different places and attended various information sessions to help you get used to college life. Walking around campus to find these places also helps you familiarize yourself with some of the buildings and the layout of Iowa State. Later that night you head to the Memorial Union (MU) and get to experience all it has to offer. There’s free food, activities, and entertainment all night.

Day 3

On this day, you finish up the sessions that you didn’t get to the previous day. At the end of the day you can even have the chance to be hypnotized. There will be a hypnotist in Hilton that asks for volunteers to be hypnotized during his performance. After that, you can head to either Lied or State Gym, the recreational facilities on campus. There will be all kinds of fun activities to do including battleship (in the pool!), rock climbing, volleyball, basketball, and more.

During day 2 or day 3 you also the opportunity to show you DIS leader your class schedule and they will take you to each of your buildings so you won’t have to struggle as much going to class!

Hopefully this answers all of your questions about DIS and helps make your decision about attending DIS easier.

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