Summer After Freshman Year

Hello everyone! My summer was pretty uneventful so it feels great to be back in Ames and back on campus. Here’s a brief summary about the few exciting things I did do while I was away from Iowa State the past few months.

To start off summer, a couple of my friends and I spent the first weekend in Kansas City. We went to the Post Malone concert Saturday night and went shopping all day on Sunday – surprisingly I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I was going to so that’s a plus!

After getting back from KC, I worked for the whole month of June (literally). Between my two jobs I only had one day off the whole month. So while June wasn’t very exciting, July started off with a bang. For the Fourth of July, I went up to Northern Minnesota and spent the week with my cousins at my aunt’s lake. The highlight of the trip was going out fishing and catching some of the biggest fish we’d ever caught there.

Right after we got back home from the lake, my family and I headed to Seattle for our annual summer vacation. I personally didn’t love Seattle but most of the vacation was spent south of Seattle in the smaller, more nature filled towns of Washington which was absolutely beautiful. We traveled out to towns that were known for their lavender fields which was probably my favorite part. Another highlight of the trip was staying in a cabin right off of the beach.

And of course no summer is complete without spending tons of time with your closest friends. Towards the beginning of the summer, some of my college friends and I decided to get together even though we live several hours away from each other. We planned a mini vacation to the Mall of America and spent a fun weekend up there. Of course throughout the summer I spent lots of time with my friends here and there but towards the end of the summer we somehow got all of my old high school friend group together. It was super fun because we almost never get everyone together at the same time.

Overall, although filled with work, this summer was pretty fun! One piece of advice I think everyone should remember: Make sure to spend time with your friends and family and make new memories and have new experiences. Yes, working is important, but especially at this time in our lives, we need to remember to try new things and go outside of our comfort zone to gain experiences we can utilize for our futures.

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