What Not to Pack For College

With another school year beginning soon, many students are starting to plan on what they’re going to bring to college. After moving out of my dorm, I realized that there were a lot of things that went to waste during the school year. So, I figured I’d use my experience to help you save¬†your time and money, by telling you what you shouldn’t pack for college!

Perishable food

I know sometimes at first it can seem like a good idea to have everything with you when you move in, but it isn’t a good idea to bring perishables on the road.

A futon

A futon is a great addition to a dorm, but getting it to fit in the car can be a hassle. To save yourself space, I recommend buying your futon online and having it arranged for pick up on the day of move in. Local stores often run out of futons near move in day. So buying one ahead of time assures that you’ll have one.

Clothes you don’t wear

I love clothes, so this was probably my biggest move-in mistake. Since I live six hours away from Iowa Staet, I was worried about leaving my favorite pieces behind. But now that my first year is over, I realized I brought a lot of clothes that I didn’t even wear!

Although everyone needs are a bit different, these are just a few items that are probably shouldn’t be packed into you car as you head to Iowa State!



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