Ada Hayden Park

Ada Hayden Heritage Park, located at 5205 Grand, is one of my favorite places in Ames. If you like walking/running, biking, boating, fishing, grilling, or really any outdoor activities, then you really should check it out!

Named after the botanical instructor and preservationist Ada Hayden, the first female and fourth person to receive a doctoral degree from Iowa State, the park has a beautiful lake and walking/biking trails that is open for anyone to use.

After a rainy day, I decided to go down to the park with my camera to show you guys one of the most peaceful places in Ames.

The trails follow the outside of the lake, giving you fresh, clean air and the slightest scent of grass.

The best time to go is at sunrise or sunset. You can see the colors of the sky reflected in the lake if you go then, and what better way to start or end your day than appreciating this park?

I personally love wildflowers, and Ada Hayden Park is full of them!

If you need a new place to do your daily jogs, go on a picnic, or just do some self healing, make sure to check out Ada Hayden Park. It’s only a 10 minute drive from campus! And if you go, you definitely need to take your phone or camera because you’re going to want to remember the views.

Last photo taken by Kanghee Yoon.

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