Organizing Your Busy Life

Being organized when it comes to classes is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in college. Last week I had a test in every single one of my classes. It can get real stressful real quick. One thing that can keep you sane during these crazy, busy times is to make a list or write out a schedule. I’m going to share a couple of ways that I find most helpful during the busiest times of the school year.

What I usually do first is use my planner page that has the whole month laid out. If you don’t have a planner, you can go online and look up an image and print out whatever month it is. On that page I fill out what is most important to remember like test dates, meeting times, and other important activities that I can’t miss.

After I write out the bigger events, I go to the day-to-day page in my calendar and write down due dates for homework and times slots I need to set aside for studying for certain classes. This helps me take a step back and see how much time I actually have to dedicate towards specific classes.

These simple things take only about 15 minutes to do and it makes stressful weeks a little less hectic. Whenever I’m overwhelmed I sit down and fill out my calendar and I can literally feel myself calming down as I’m writing it. This also helps you remember to complete everything because sometimes life can get ahead of you and while you’re worrying about one thing, you completely forget about something else.

If you get everything written down and organized it can help you feel less overwhelmed and will help you remember everything you need to get done while doing it in a timely manner. Here’s a weekly planner page I made that you can print out and use! (I attempted to make a month planner page and it turned out terrible so you’ll have to go to Google for that one, sorry.)

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