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Top 5 Greatest Things About Attending an ISU Football Game

Football season is in full swing and if you haven’t experienced Jack Trice Stadium filled with 61,500 people….you’re missing out. Whether you are a freshman who has yet to make it to a game or a late comer wondering if it’s really worth it….I’m hear to tell you there’s really nothing like it. Here are my five favorite things about attending ISU football games.

1. Energy

Football games require energy – a lot of it. No matter how wild the crowd gets, the goal always seems to be: get louder, crazier, and more pumped up for your home team. No matter how exciting or ordinary the game, the crowd is always an energetic one…And on very special occasions – we get to storm the field!

(Jack Trice Stadium after fans stormed the field to celebrate Saturdays win over No. 6 West Virginia )

2. Organized cheer leading

Any first time goer is going to be completely lost in the first quarter or so. If you didn’t get it right this time, you’re about to hear it again…and again…and again. So don’t you worry – you are sure to have all of the cheers, chants and dance moves down so that you can be ready to go by next half.

3. Team mascot

We’ve all seen Cy from time-to-time, but a football game just wouldn’t be the same without our favorite mascot.

4. School spirit

We are all proud Iowa Staters. Nowhere else will you ever be surrounded by so much pride for our football team. Upon your entrance into the stadium – you’ll immediately be immersed into one big jolly fan club. You can bet that school spirit is never lacking at an ISU football game.

5. Costumes

From striped overalls and body paint to team mascots and the band wearing halftime dino costumes… you are sure to see it all at the game! So however outgoing you choose to dress, I can assure you that you will not be alone!

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