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How to Have a Super Productive Break

Fall break is quickly approaching and winter break will soon follow. With all of this extra free time, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it and be productive. Try checking some of these off the list during your next break to stay active and set you up for a good next semester!


Submit your FAFSA

College is really expensive and begging the government for money can actually make it more affordable! Such begging is done by filling out the free FAFSA application. And in order to maximize the aid you can receive, it is important that you complete this by December 1st. In my experience, filling out the FAFSA is not easy or quick. While you can do it in one sitting, it is a bit of a process and often takes longer than expected. This is why it’s important to get this done during break while you aren’t overwhelmed and swamped with other responsibilities and school work.

Apply for Scholarships

Similar to the FAFSA, it is important get a solid start on your scholarship search so you aren’t overwhelmed with it just before the deadlines. Start with Iowa State’s OneApp scholarship portal. This is a great starting point because knock out several scholarships with one general application! By answering the general questions, OneApp with then prompt you with other scholarship opportunities within the college that you are eligible for! Click here to start filling out your OneApp application.

Perfect your Resume

Depending on where you are in your college career, you will most likely be needing a professional and revised resume sometime soon, if not now. Having an updated resume is crucial to surviving as a college student, and your future self will thank you for getting it done ahead of time rather than the night before the career fair! If you need help revising your resume or don’t know where to start, try contacting Iowa State Career Services.

Create a Portfolio

Depending on your major, a portfolio can take on a variety of forms. Whether it be your own website, e-portfolio, or LinkedIn profile – establishing an online presence that showcases your professional skill set is helpful in today’s digital world. From experience, I can tell you that a portfolio is going to take a lot of time, and finding that time during your busy semester is rare. Work on this over break and go back to school feeling confident and prepared for whatever life throws at you!


Whether you want to redeem yourself for your 2018 new years resolution or just get way ahead of swim suit season… Taking advantage of your break to get healthy and in shape is never a bad idea! Not to mention all of the food you will be eating to celebrate the holidays.


Finally – what we have all been waiting for. You have been working your tail off this semester and deserve a long relaxing break filled with long naps, good food, and time spent with friends and family. Be productive, but also make sure to take time for yourself and recuperate. You deserve it!

Happy Holidays!

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