International Dance Night

International Week at Iowa State is an annual celebration of Iowa State’s diversity, and one of the many events held was International Dance Night! Many student organizations and performers came together to dance on the stage at the Memorial Union Great Hall.

International Dance Night is hosted every year by the International Student Council, so if you missed out this year, don’t worry!

The clothes were so colorful and vibrant, and so cool to see! There were performers representing Iran, Bangladesh, Latin America, Russia, America, and more!

Along with traditional and cultural dances, there were also groups that just danced for fun. They danced to pop music, and did covers of Korean pop dances! The International Student Council did a K-pop remix performance for us, which was fun for me to see as a Korean-American.

It’s really great that Iowa State lets student organizations celebrate diversity and culture on campus. I love going to shows like this, where I get to learn new things and cheer. Everyone put in a lot of work and practiced a lot, and the event was great!

Thank you to the International Student Council for hosting this event!

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