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Three things to do before leaving for winter break

You’re almost to the finish line. Exams and final projects are almost finished and then we’re done with the semester and ready for a four week break! Yay! Don’t let your mind get ahead of yourself though – Here are three things to remember before you pack up and leave for winter break!
























1. Throw it out

A common mistake among college students is forgetting to throw out the perishables from the refrigerator before you rush out the door for an extended break. Imagine returning to school to the smell of spoiled milk and rotten food. Yum! It only takes a few minutes of extra preparation to empty out the fridge before you leave. Oh, and don’t forget to take out the trash after you’re done!

2. Unplug

It’s always a good idea to take a full sweep through your home and unplug any devices. This will decrease your chance of fire and not to mention save you money on your next energy bill! Similar to unplugging all electrical devices, it is just as important to lower your thermostat before you leave. Turning the heat down (not off) is another smart move to save energy and your wallet! (I usually set my thermostat to 60 or so before leaving for a long break)

3. Lock Up

The last step is making sure your windows and doors are locked securely. Take your valuables with you or put them away so they aren’t obviously out in the open.

Before you head home to relax with friends and family for winter break, don’t get too ahead of yourself. It only takes a couple minutes to check these three things off the list so that you can return to school without worry! And finally… place your keys in a safe and memorable spot so you know where they are when you return! Now… get the heck out of dodge!

Happy Holidays!

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