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Why I’m Thankful for my Major

A while back I wrote a post explaining what my major, Interdisciplinary Design, actually is. (You can find that post here). This past week, I got to reflect on how thankful I am for the program and everyone in it. It’s a kind of hidden major in the College of Design, and I’d really like to change that because I’ve had such a wonderful experience in the program.

Interdisciplinary Design students having a grand old time talking about all things interdisciplinary and all things design at the College of Design Program Night.

Why has my experience been so wonderful? I’ll give you three reasons.

1.Choose Your Own Studio Electives in the College of Design

One of the main reasons I love my major is because of its exploratory freedom. You get to be self-driven and choose studio course electives that fit what design skills you want to learn and what kind of career you want to pursue. For me, this has included classes in:

  • Communication and Branding
  • Photography
  • History of Modern Designers
  • Community Arts Engagement Management
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

This exploratory freedom isn’t confined to the College of Design.

Which brings me to reason number 2…

2. Choose Your Own classes OUTSIDE of the College of Design

Alright, I’m a bit of an information design nerd, I’ll admit it. I might even get a bit teary-eyed opening my textbooks for the first time every semester. It’s fine.

So, I chose to minor in Technical Communication to learn about information design, content strategy, and web development tools. The combination of studio courses in design and lectures/projects in TComm (along with courses in computer science and psychology) has been super groovy and made my nerd heart happy. Even happier? Getting to be nerdy with other design nerds. (Has the word “nerd” lost all meaning yet?)

3. It’s a Small Major. We’re All Good Pals. 

I love that the expectation in my major is that you’re bringing your experiences and expertise from other disciplines and experiences into the program and I think it creates a sense of passion and collaboration within our studios that is very unique.

We’re all a bunch of nerds passionate about different kinds of design collaborating on some fun and meaningful projects, and for that I’m very thankful.



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