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The Most Interesting Thing I’ve Studied So Far

What is the most interesting course offered at Iowa State? This is a tough question to answer. Like me, you’d probably guess that the most captivating of courses would be one of those random electives that are meant to broaden our worldviews and perspectives. From wine tasting to philosophy, martial arts to human sexuality, Iowa State has a lot to offer in their catalog of courses! Surely, I do not have time to take them all but as an industrial design junior, I think that I have finally found one that is worth talking about.

The Culture of Objects.

Objects: They are all around us. Impacting our daily lives. We use them and we depend on them – so why don’t we study them?

Why study objects?

You can tell a lot about a person by the things they own. These simple objects have the power to define who we are and, if we question why we own them – we just might learn a thing or two about ourselves as well!

Some of the questions we address in this class are:

  1. Why study things?
  2. Do objects have culture?
  3. How is the object produced technically or culturally?
  4. Who is buying it? Who can afford it? Who can’t afford it? Why?
  5. Who cares about it? Why? How does it create the feeling of insider or outsider?
  6. What does it signify? Why?

The main idea is that objects have symbolic qualities that tell you a lot more about culture and people then you might realize. Ask yourself why you own the things you do? What do they say about you as a person? Already thinking way too much about it? Good! If these questions fascinate you, then maybe you have an object fetish! Or maybe you’re just as excited about the topic as I am. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that this course is one of the coolest.

To check out what else Iowa state has to offer visit this link!

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