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5 Apps to help you plan this year’s spring break

Horseshoe Bend | Page, AZ | January, 2019

Smart phones – we all have one. The social norm is to bring our phone with us everywhere we go. To class, to the gym, to the store… But what many of us don’t know is how to use our phone to its full potential. Today, I am talking travel. Did you know there are apps to help you plan for just about any part of your travel? With so many apps to choose from, I am going to share my top 5 favorite apps to help better your travel experience! 

(1) Hopper

Hopper predicts prices and helps you book your flights and hotels at the right time

Hopper is one of my favorites! This is because it can watch multiple destinations at a time and notify you when it’s the best time to buy. The app can also suggest cheaper times to fly if you utilize the flex dates feature saving you time and money!

How it Works:

The process is easy. All you have to do is enter the airport in which you plan to depart from and the place you want to go! Next, just choose your flight dates and select ‘watch flight.’ 

(2) Google Flights

Google Flights is an online flight booking search service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third party suppliers. 

Google flights is where I go next. Once Hopper tells me that it’s a good time to buy, Google Flights lets me compare airlines. What I like about this site is that it conveniently allows you to narrow down flights all in one place! Not to mention, Google Flights doesn’t use any third parties to run their site and therefore aligns with the rest of Google’s easily navigated search engine.

(3) AllTrails

Quickly find the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail run by length, rating, and difficulty level. Filter by dog or kid friendly trails, or find trails with great views.

AllTrails is a hiker’s best friend. For those who may be considered the “outdoorsy type,” AllTrails is the best travel buddy! Not only does it allow users to search for trails in the area, but it also has trail reviews, difficulty ratings, and photos. This app helps to plan all of your hikes in one area so your trip doesn’t fall short of your expectations.


Cheap hotels, cars, airfare.

Hotwire can be used for booking hotels, rental cars, and flights! While I have only used it for hotel bookings, the app helps you find the best deals for your travels. Rates are constantly changing – and Hotwire helps you compare rates in one place and on the go. Having this app is especially great for last minute bookings, as you can quickly find a specific area and book right through the app! 


Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences, and Places.

Just like booking a hotel… but different. Airbnb allows you to experience a place in a uniquely different way. More specifically, Airbnb lets you stay in peoples’ actual homes. And because of this…depending on how nice each home is and its proximity to popular destinations, booking can be really really cheap! This is especially great for low budget travelers, like me!

Thanks for reading and Happy travels!

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