My Favorite Cafes in Ames

I spend a lot of days studying at home or at the Parks Library, but I also like to go to coffee shops or cafes to get some studying done or to interview people for my journalism papers. Ames has several great, cute little coffee shops and I thought I would share with you guys my favorite ones.

Cafe Milo

One of the coffee shops I frequent the most because of their fair prices and cute latte art, Cafe Milo is located at 4800 Mortensen Road.




It’s not a coffee shop post without including the classic Starbucks now is it? While I can’t say that the taste of Starbucks coffee is my absolute favorite, I can say that it’s about a two minute walk from the Memorial Union and a great place to do quick meetings and then run to class.

The interior is modern and chic, and it makes me feel super cool!


1+1 Restaurant and Tea

Have you ever tried bubble tea? It’s iced milk tea, and you can get tapioca pearls in it. It’s one of my favorite drinks! I love the classic pearl milk tea and Thai tea! If you’re not a fan of coffee but you want to give tea a try, I’d definitely recommend this place. Plus, the interior is so cute!

1+1 is located near the Design building at 2814 West Street!

Where are your favorite tea and coffee shops in Ames?

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