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Winter Activities on Campus – Open Skate Wednesdays

There is nothing better than a mid-week break. Tired and stressed from all of the busyness that the middle of semester, we all ought to find something that breaks up our demanding college schedules. Being a part of campus life means we have access to so many great opportunities to do so – my favorite being Ames/ISU open skate. If you didn’t know, Ames/ISU Ice Arena has open skating every Wednesday night from September-April. And what better way to get de-stress than skating to music with some of your friends? Don’t have ice skates? That’s okay! Students can rent skates for only $2!

Why take a mid-week break?

1. Working for extended periods of time lead to stress and exhaustion

2. Psychologically, a short break is proven to increase productivity

3. You are likely to feel refreshed and ready for whatever the rest of the week throws at you!

What’s it like?

If you have never experienced an open skate, all you have to do is go in one big circle! Other than that you are free to skate as slow or as fast as you want. To give you a feel for what its like, below are fellow ISU students skating to some jams!

Open to all skill levels!

And if you are worried that you might not have enough skating experience, I promise you that open skate is filled with students of all skill levels! Don’t believe me? Check out this gif brilliantly capturing both ends of the spectrum where you are sure to fit right in!


So if you are interested in open skate, find some friends and try it out! There is nothing better than a stress relieving mid-week break that will leave you feeling refocused and ready to get back to work!

ISU Student Special:  Wednesday evenings (September – April) 8:00 – 9:30 PM.  $3.50 Admission and $2.00 Skate Rental with ISU Student ID.

For more information and events at Ames Ice Arena visit here.

Happy Skating!

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