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Hey! My name is Celeste!

My dream is to live in the city and raise two cats, but until I get there, I’ll be studying journalism and mass communications here at Iowa State!

I love flowers, coffee, and fashion. In my free time, I like to journal, go on walks, and take baths. I also like to collect Hello Kitty things!

Thanks for visiting the blog,
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Iowa State’s Spring Campus

Happy spring! While most people seem to love Iowa State’s autumn campus, I personally think Iowa State is the most beautiful in the spring. The orange trees in the fall are gorgeous, but I’m really more of a flower girl.

I visited my three favorite outdoor places on campus with my camera the other day to show you how lovely it is. With finals coming up, it’s nice to destress by reminding myself how nice it is outside and enjoy the Earth.

Lagomarcino Garden:

Not going to lie, I sneezed when I got to this tree.
A blooming flower!
I think flowers are the cutest when they’re in the bud stage.

Memorial Union Lake LaVerne:

I could see through the water today!
I love passing this lake whenever I’m on campus.
I thought it was going to chase me as I inched closer to take a photo!

ISU Central Campus:

Flowers make me so happy!
I love our central campus and the Campanile.

What’s your favorite season?

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