Cyclone Life

From Ames, IA

I wear many different hats at
Iowa State!

I’m Iowa State’s biggest fan, most loyal bird (move over Lancelot and Elaine), and photographed more
than the president.

I give great high-fives, have been known to break out in the evolution of dance, and dominate other mascots (you know who I’m talking about! 😉 ).

This is my Cyclone Life!

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Meet Thomas!

Greetings from Ames! My name is Thomas and I’m a sophomore at Iowa State University (Go Clones!) coming at you live with my inaugural post for Cyclone Life! I recently hopped on the train as a guest blogger – I can’t wait to see how I will learn from this unique experience!

A little more about me: I grew up in eastern Iowa with corn-field views in every direction. Nothing wrong with the big city, but I’d never trade my upbringing in the country. My dad, Steve, and mom, Caralyn, are both high school teachers at the school I attended (if I did bad on a test, they found out before I did). My sister, Hannah, just began her freshman year at the University of Northern Iowa and participates in the Panther Marching Band and Basketball Pep Band as a trumpet player.

While in high school, I definitely dabbled in many things – student government, sports, fine arts, and volunteer activities. A highlight from high school would be trading in the basketball shoes for running spikes my senior year – transitioning from running a few sprints at a time to running 8 miles was an insane adjustment, but it really sparked a love for the sport of running! Another highlight would be trying Speech Contest for the first time my junior year and making All-State in TV News! While high school was chalk-full of awesome memories, I was ready for the next chapter of my life.

Deciding to come to Iowa State was more of an assumption rather than a choice. I half-heartedly looked at other schools, but Iowa State stood out from the rest. It was close to home (but not too close!), had strong engineering programs, and Hilton Magic! As I moved in to Friley Hall my freshman year, I knew there wasn’t a better place for me.

Looking at my life now is, well, strange. It’s changed so much in the last 15 months! I’ve changed my major twice, gained and lost the freshman weight (tips on that in posts to come!), prepared to run my first half-marathon (happening this Sunday), and have found the best friends in the world. I’ve gotten involved in The Salt Company, made the Dean’s List, skipped the first day of classes for a solar eclipse, and have found the cheapest, yet tastiest, meal possible (hint: egg whites and saltine crackers). Sometimes I look at my ISU ID picture and laugh – Freshman-Thomas has no clue what’s coming!

As the great Jim Halpert once said,

“Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”


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