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I was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. I am a journalism and mass communications major.

I am an outgoing, energetic, involved, and optimistic person. Being around people gives me so much joy and happiness.

I am a member of the Black Student Alliance, Student Government, a historically black fraternity, and a community adviser.

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There is More than Pizza Spaces Around Campus

Ohh, snap !! It’s lunchtime, where am I going to eat? I have eaten at the dining center almost every day. I want to branch out and see what is available. I slip on my burgundy dress boots and throw on my black wool coat to protect me from the cold air outside. I take a deep breathe to prepare myself to embrace the cold wind that will dry out my hydrated skin. As I walk I am heading toward Lincoln Way to see the food options that we have. Once I arrive, I stand across the street from Blaze Pizza and Jeff’s Pizza. I stare into space realizing that we literally have three pizza places right next to each other. As I slowly turn my head to the left I see Potbelly and Starbucks. As I turn my head to the right I see Fuzzy’s, Freddy’s, CafĂ© B, and Mr. Burrito. Multiple food options that at times we as students forget that we have.

Many times I get stuck in the mindset that we only have pizza spots in our surroundings, but when you actually take a step back we have a good variety of restaurants near campus. Even as you go up Welch Ave, we have even more restaurants like Little Taipei, Thai Kitchen and more. If you go up Hayward Ave, there is India Palace and Dominos. As Ames and Iowa State, grow we are attracting more businesses and food places around our campus. I remember my freshman year when we only had like Jeff’s, Fighting Burrito, Mr. Burrito, and Jimmy Johns as our affordable options. Now we have Blaze, Smokin’ Oak, Starbucks, Potbelly, Freddy’s, and the list goes on.

We are on the come up!! I was so excited when Ames added Freddy’s to the list of food options on Lincoln Way. I, personally, was in need of a burger place near campus. I was so tired of taking the bus or driving to Wendy’s or McDonalds for a burger. I see that Ames is going in the right direction with the additional food options, I am truly excited to see what will be next.

Ice cream?? BBQ?? Soul food?? If Ames brings a soul food restaurant I will be so excited! I would be eating sweet potatoes and collard greens every day for lunch!

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