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I’m Keaton, a junior in journalism and performing arts. I’m originally from the tiny town of Elkader, Iowa.

When not in class or at work you can probably expect to find me in rehearsal for whatever play or musical I am currently working on,
or spending time with my friends.
I also love a good T.J. Maxx or
donut run.

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Finding Summer Work

Hi everyone,

As we get closer and closer to the end of the semester, my friends and I are all in full swing lining up our plans for the summer. This means lots of job applications, revising and re-revising resumes and cover letters, squeezing interviews into our already busy schedules and also regularly receiving rejection calls and emails and hoping that something will fall in to place.

With all of that being said, I thought that I would write about a few of the major lessons I have learned from searching for jobs and internships throughout my college career.

1. Apply for EVERYTHING

Seriously. Apply for everything. The application process is not the time to be picky, that comes after you’ve started receiving offers. If there is something available in your area of study or something that is of interest to you, apply for it. It generally doesn’t take that long, and you need to cast as wide of a net as possible. The more options the better. Needing to turn down jobs is much better than being left with no choices.

2. Have a resume and cover letter on hand

This is something that my parents taught me early on, and it’s been really helpful to me. Have a standard version of your resume and cover letter saved on your computer so that when you find a job that you want to apply for you can quickly make some simple changes to tailor it to that position, and then send them on their way. It makes the process a lot easier and helps you to apply for a larger number of jobs much more quickly.

3. Use all of your resources

I have been guilty of not following this tip in the past, and it wasn’t until this year that I realized how important it is. I am generally someone who wants to do everything for myself and make opportunities happen for myself, but the truth is that isn’t always helpful. The Student Job Board on AccessPlus is a great resource to quickly find job options, and I’ve found multiple jobs through it during my time at Iowa State. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your adviser and professors for potential opportunities. It is their job to help you, and they want to see you succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

4.  Don’t let the process get you down

This can be really challenging, and I totally understand. Throughout the last few months I’ve been averaging around one rejection email a week, and that can be really hard to deal with. However, because I cast such a wide net, I had to remember that other options were still available and those positions just weren’t the right fit for me. Don’t give up, keep applying and the right opportunity will come along and work out for you. Trust me.

After months of searching I can finally say that I am going to be spending my summer in Brookings, South Dakota. I accepted a position as a company member with Prairie Repertory Theatre and will be working as a performer in their productions of Bye Bye Birdie and The Little Mermaid, and will be working with their box office and promotional staff for the other two productions of their season. I am really excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait to see what South Dakota has to offer.



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