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Hey there! My name is Zoey and I’m a bike riding, coffee drinking, tree loving Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning student.

I keep the days busy with my involvement in The Green Umbrella, Student Society of Landscape Architects, and an occasional group ride with the Cycling Club.

You can find me cruising on one of the local bike trails, lounging at a local coffee shop, or whipping up some type of soup in my kitchen.

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Student Government Elections—They Matter

You probably thought election season was over…but on campus it’s just heating up! Each year, students at Iowa State have the chance to vote for the president and vice president of Student Government, as well as for individual college representatives and referendums. For more information, read below for candidate platforms and a pretty big referendum you can vote on. And remember to check your email for a link to a voting form on March 7th and 8th!

Cody West and Cody Smith

Cody West (running for president) and Cody Smith (running for vice president) hope to build community, restore tradition, reinvent residency, and create purposeful outreach. To achieve these plans, some specifics they would like to address are creating a shared university calendar, preventing lease gaps for students living off campus, and creating a new campus-wide event.

Connor Tillo and Rachel Barnes

Connor Tillo (running for president) and Rachel Barnes (running for vice president) plan to address diversity, student services, holistic health, and transparency with Student Government. Some specific plans they have include sending out a weekly newsletter discussing what is happening each week regarding student government, adding a sign language major/minor, providing student IDs digitally on an app, and restructuring the Student Government Senate to include student organization representation.

Memorial Union Renovation Referendum

The Memorial Union is a little outdated and overcrowded, so a proposal has been made for a renovation. While these changes (increased dining seating, more space for student organizations, additional meeting space, larger multicultural and veterans center, and upgraded infrastructure and accessibility) would be beneficial to students in the future, funds need to be raised now to get the project started. If approved, student fees would increase $30 next fall and $42 the following fall. Your vote will decide whether this fee is added or not.

While you might be burnt out from the crazy election season this past November, it’s important to voice your opinion on campus, so make sure to vote!

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