Everything You Need to Know about GOING GREEK!

This has been a hugely requested topic and I am pleased be be covering it this week! Bear with me as this is going to be a bit longer post. So as you may know I recently became a candidate for Alpha Sigma Kappa, which has allowed me to see what being a member of the Greek community here at ISU is like.

First things first, the Greek program here at ISU is thriving. Other schools have had a hard time managing Greek life and bringing in new brothers and sisters, but not here. Fraternities and sororities are in good standing with the university and the surrounding community. In fact, it’s a great way to make a lot of life long friends and become a member of a tight knit community at the same time.

So let’s talk the basics! There are 3 types of Greek organizations you can get involved in: social, service, and honorary. Both service and honorary sororities/fraternities are housed in the Student Activities Center. Service organizations are more focused on philanthropy in the community and set strict service hour minimums for each semester of membership. Alpha Phi Omega is one example of a co-ed service fraternity on campus. Members are expected to do a minimum of 20 hours of community service a semester. Honorary societies generally are within your college or department and membership is granted to those who fill the requirements of the community, generally dealing with GPA. Tau Beta Pi is the honorary society for engineers and looks for academic and personal integrity in its members.

So you like what you’re reading, but how do you become involved in the Greek community? Recruitment Week is your answer. For the majority of social sororities on campus, recruitment is the the way to find yourself a new home via the Greek system. Commonly referred to as formal recruitment, this is a period of time for current members to interact with potential new members so they can see what becoming a part of their organization is really like. At the end of a week full of events and socialization, comes Bid Day. At ISU, Bid Day is HUGE. It’s a really exciting period for potential new members, as sororities offer bids to join their respective organizations. A potential new member will  accept one bid, and begin the process of becoming an initiated sister.

Part of this process is learning the history and tradition of the organization. Often times pledges will be matched with a Big Sister to help them learn and grow within the chapter’s house. Once a pledge has completed all requirements to become a fully initiated member, the next step is initiation. With initiation comes knowledge only privy to other initiated members and alumni of the organization.

Different organizations have different methods of recruitment. Some chapters have strictly informal recruitment, and others, mainly service, put few limitations on joining to attract potential members to join together to help the community. If there is a particular chapter that interests you, check out their website to get an idea of what the recruitment process is like.

What  attracted me to the Greek community was that feeling of inclusiveness. I love all of the tradition that surrounds being a member. It really makes you feel like you are a part of something special, and much greater than yourself. The friendships that come out the Greek community tend to be long lasting, and the sense of home, especially if you are from out-of-state, can make all the difference in the world.

There are 33 fraternities and 18 sororities recognized at ISU, and 12% of the undergraduate student body are members of the Greek community. Chances are, if you think Greek life is for you, there is a chapter here at ISU to fit your needs!

Check out the Office of Greek Affairs website here!

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