It’s (Almost) SPRING!

With the weather like it is, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring, but the signs of ┬áthe incoming season are definitely here. The grass is already starting to fill out, perfect for a Friday afternoon game of Frisbee. The flowers are everywhere, and should be out in force for the next two weeks. Hopefully the warmth will follow behind. It’s been strangely cold for the past few days, but there’s a warm up on the way.

It’s going to be hard to enjoy such nice weather with Dead Week next week. Although ISU doesn’t adhere to a structured Dead Week format, it is expected that students will begin preparation for their finals during the week. So yes, it’s a little stressful to be a student right now. There’s a big push to finish projects for classes (teachers aren’t supposed to assign projects during Dead Week, but they can be due then). Despite it all, it’s almost summer! I’m already thinking about how awesome next semester will be!

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