Looking back

Boy, has my freshman year flown by! I’ve moved to a different state. I’ve met new friends. I’ve switched rooms. I’ve gotten an internship. I’ve join tons of clubs. I’ve gotten a few jobs. I’ve found myself a church. I’ve learned so much!

It’s hard to believe that I’ll already be done with my first year in a week. It’ll be weird going back home after so long and getting back into the routine. But even then, I have an internship this summer with General Mills in Minneapolis, MN, so I guess there won’t be to much home life!

My roommate and I have slowly been taking posters down and sending stuff home. There’s so many memories that go with each one! There’s a poster from ISCORE, the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity, that I attended a few months ago. There’s our various ISU Athletics posters from the games that we attended all year. And, there’s a ton of construction paper. The paper comes from a giant paper chain that we made at the beginning of the semester with each link representing each day left in the school year. Our chain has gotten really small, but the knowledge, the friendships, and the memories have grown with each link we take down. As the year winds down and I look back, all I can think is, “What an adventure!”

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