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“Cruisin'” through summer…

To my faithful blog followers:

HELLO! How are all of you? I hope by now you have gone to see the latest Harry Potter movie, but if not, well, you should do so VERY soon!

How many of you go on summer trips? Rephrase, how many of you LIKE to go on summer trips? I know I do! Each summer, I generally end up going on at LEAST 3 or 4 trips, but if you include all of my little “mini-vacations”, where I drive around to see various friends, then I usually go on anywhere from 10-15 trips.

This summer, I actually have already gone on a couple of trips. I have been to Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and even Memphis. I am sad to say, however, that every one of those trips were driven. Haha, well, I guess it isn’t such a bad thing to drive to those places, but the drive to Memphis had to be one of the longest trips I have ever taken in a car. It was fun, because I was with friends, but needless to say, it was just a little cramped.

My biggest trip this summer is actually just around the corner. I will be heading to the Bahamas in August, and I have to say I am pretty darn excited! It is a cruise actually… I will be departing from the Port of Miami on August 8 and returning on August 12. We will be going from Miami to Key West, and then Key West to the Bahamas. Some friends of mine are pretty upset with me, well no, they are actually jealous, but at the same time, they don’t really care because the Bahamas in the middle of August probably won’t be the most comfortable weather. Either way, like I said, I’m pretty excited.

That trip will sadly wrap up the summer for me though, as when I get back I will be hard at it with the fraternity and will have just one short week before classes start! It’s hard to believe how close it is!

… Until next time …

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