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Got Time?

Hey guys and gals!

Can you believe it?!? In just a few, short 3 weeks, classes will be in session again, and the campus of Iowa State University will once again come alive and be fully vibrant! Ahhhh, I can’t WAIT! You have NO idea how incredibly excited I am!

Have you ever been asked the question, “what do you do in your free time”? I get that question quite a bit, and in all honesty, I HATE the question. This is particularly because, if you saw my schedule, you would be thinking the same thing I think all the time – – “Free time? What is that?!?” haha. But in all reality, I actually do have free time, and quite frankly, if people didn’t schedule AT LEAST 20 minutes of free-time in their days, I swear we would have a lot of chaos going around. I know I’d go crazy anyway!

Generally, when I have free time, one of my most favorite things to do is go for a walk or run. I know, two completely different realms of speed, but either one is actually INCREDIBLY relaxing for me. I love to do this exercise around the ISU campus because each and every day, I am always finding something new that I never knew existed – – whether it be a tree, a monument, some park benches, or yes, even smells (both good AND bad :)). Aside from exerting myself on the roads of campus, I also love to go to the gym and get a good workout in as well. When I’m not exercising however, or when I’m not in the mood to exercise, I generally find myself doing one of two things. I’m either hanging out with friends, doing whatever it is we decide to do, or I’m sitting in a corner somewhere on a very comfortable sofa or chair reading a book. I never USED to be a big “recreational reader”, however, I was introduced to a couple of books by a friend of mine, and once I started reading those books, I just couldn’t put any book down.

I guess my main point today is this… I LOVE my free time, even though I may not have much every day. My advice to you is to make time for YOU every day where you can put away all of your concerns, worries, etc., for a little bit, and just have some time to relax. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

… Until next time …

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