Guess who got published in Sketch?

I am excited to announce that THIS girl got published in Iowa State’s Sketch Literary Magazine! It’s a small magazine published once every semester composed of literary works written by students. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual arts, etc. Anyone can submit to it, and the editors pick who will be featured. 🙂 For more information, click here.

Anyway, so last semester I submitted a small essay I had written during the summer I spent back home. I truly love to write. And I don’t even do it to make something great. I just love to write to plainly put my thoughts on paper, to organize them, to be able to look back on them later. But I was pretty surprised when they picked to feature my little essay. You can pick up a copy of Skecth in any building, really, they tend to be next to the newspapers and stuff. Turn to page 60 :).

Who do you have?

It’s a small essay about what friendship meant to me for a moment in my life there, almost a year ago, and what I concluded about it in that passing moment. If you happen to EVER be interested in reading more of my musing thoughts, you can visit my blog here. 😀 Thanks for listening guys!

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