Letter to myself

Here’s what advice I would give to freshman Mellanie, if I could go back two years. 🙂

Dear Mellanie,

Don’t stick to one group of friends. It’s always good to get to know someone very well and have a best friend, but if you always marginalize yourself too much, you won’t get out of your comfort zone. You won’t meet interesting people with different interests than yours. Like they say, out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. 🙂

Don’t try to have it all figured out just yet. Give yourself time to explore your college career. Enroll in a class you don’t know if you’ll like, do something you haven’t done. Also, remember to be realistic. Aim high, but remember that there are more important things in life than trying to be better at something than everyone else.

Make friends with the professors. They’re always helpful for letters of recommendations and mentoring. 🙂

Hang out with the people who embody the kind of person you want to be. It’s true what they say! Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are. 🙂

Get involved in campus activities and clubs as much as you can! It will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. The feeling of putting your two cents into something and seeing it succeed is one of the best feelings ever. Help out and join something that you know you could really commit your time to!

It’s OK to feel homesick and alone sometimes. I think everyone goes through this experience at least once. But know what it’s OK to do your own things sometimes, we all need a little bit of that.

Classes are very important, yes. But so is the journey. Don’t get bogged down in the little details, don’t get bogged down and feel miserable about exams and assignments. It’s nice to be an overachiever sometimes, but will you have an awesome experience to show for your time here when you graduate? Or did you spend your four years living in the library. Live in the moment. 🙂

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2 responses to “Letter to myself”

  1. Congratulations Mellanie! This is the best of blogs, you have described in words what a parent would advise a daughter or son who will begin college.

  2. Me encantó lo que escribiste y me alegra mucho saber que tu etapa universitaria no es un trauma ni una pesadilla, que estas disfrutando de todo. Aunque te extraño me llena de orgullo saberte tan independiente y segura de todo lo que haces. Me encanta tu blog

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