Preparing for college: Don’t struggle with your first day.

Hello guys!

How’s the summer packing and getting ready for college going? I hope you’re making time to enjoy these last few days of summer that we have. I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to this summer just yet. But in light of you guys, and the fact that this campus will soon be flooded with all you freshmen ( πŸ˜‰ ) here are some tips to get ready for your first-ever day of college. Excited? These are personally important to me, since I kind of failed at these myself, but hey! Never hurts to reiterate. πŸ™‚

1. Don’t bring your books to the first day of class. I kind of…..brought mine. And so…they were kind of heavy, and useless since professors are not going to tell you to “open your books to page 59” to read along in class. Hahaha. Yeah, don’t feel bad if that’s what you thought, too. This girl right here also didn’t have a clue.

2. Print your schedule. Bring a map.Β And carry it around with you! It will probably take a day or two for your to memorize where you need to go at each hour. Also, Iowa State has so many buildings that it’s easy to get lost the first few days. The hint here is to bring the nifty map you get at Destination Iowa State and then go to the Iowa State website and click on the upper right hand corner (Maps) and together with your AccessPlus schedule and locations, circle each building you need to be in. πŸ™‚ Getting lost won’t happen that much.

3. Make arrangements to have lunch/dinner. Hey! It’s your first day of college. I feel like it sets the mood for how the rest of your week is going to go. You know those people who you met during Destination Iowa State? I’m pretty sure you exchanged contact information with some of them. OR those people you talked to during class? Set up a time and place to meet. You can share experiences on how your first day of college went and support one another.

4. Don’t leave for later the “Getting to know how college works” tasks.Β In other words, get tackling how Blackboard works, ask friends if you have no clue. If you’re still lost, make a point to ask the professors the next day. Be figuring it out! This is pretty much what you will be using from here on! Also, don’t leave for later the homework you already have. YEP! From your first day. I’m pretty sure the professor already mentioned what chapters you’ll be covering for the first exam.

5. Make a master schedule. Take a big calendar. The month one. And write every single thing from the syllabi from all of your classes down. It will give you an idea for what exams/project/assignments to expect every single week. Therefore, you’ll know way before hand on which weeks you’ll have more downtime than others. Useful, guys, useful. πŸ˜‰

6. Don’t write every sigh and breath the professor speaks. Β I’m not against all these freshmen stigmas, but if you’re going to try to avoid it, here’s this for you. The reality of the situation is than for most classes professors will post all the PowerPoint slides they used in Blackboard. That’s not to say, that if you have all these tough math and science classes you should not write notes down! By all means do, but don’t stress TOO much about copying what’s on the PowerPoint word-for-word. Be attentive during class and only write the things that are not mentioned in the PowerPoint. You could also print these beforehand (if the professor has them up by then, which sometimes they don’t…) and make notes ON them. πŸ™‚

Hope this helps some! πŸ˜‰ xox

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