Come and Rock With ISU AfterDark Tonight!

Hello guys!

So guess what’s happening tonight? Did you get it? No? I’ll tell you anyway…ISU AfterDark is having its last event of the semester and we want you to totally enjoy this one at the Memorial Union starting at 9pm! Our theme for tonight is “I Wanna Rock With ISU AfterDark”–Rock & Roll baby, and kind of an 80’s theme as well! I wanna rock with ISU AfterDark, what about you?

Is there a better way to feel the Rock & Roll in your bones than having a Rock & Roll themed Bingo? You might be listening to some of that there and…watch out for those tie breakers, you might have to bring your best moves on “air guitar”, and stuff like that! Get some awesome prizes by playing this campus’ favorite activity!

But remember, there are a ton other activities too! We are full of fun activities for you…and only you, people! Here they are, so you can take a look at them closely:

  • Scavenger Hunt: In our large scale activity tonight, we’ll give you clues to a particular Rock & Roll song, and you will have to run around the Memorial Union looking for the particular room that has the other clue! Get a team, and have some fun with us so you can win awesome prizes! The songs are not that easy either, so watch out for that!
  • Karaoke: Everyone loves Karaoke right? You might have some rock songs you can put there and jam your heart out…I know I would!
  • ThinkFast – Team Trivia: Have you ever played it? Is this educational yet very fun kind of trivia where you have to think as fast as you can to click/get the correct answer and get your points (if the name wasn’t obvious enough). The prize? $200 in cash…WHAT?! You’ll probably be on the edge of your seat, and that’s why you’ll have a team, so you can think even faster! Just breathe and think–but think fast!
  • Laser Tag: WHAT? Yeah, now get a team together and prepare for some fun laser tag rounds! It depends on the weather today if we end up doing it outside or inside of the MU, so look out for that! Will there be obstacles? Of course! Who doesn’t love a fun round of heart-racing laser tag?
  • Green Screen Photos: As always, we will have this fun “stop-by” activity. As our theme is Rock & Roll, we will have some fun backgrounds for you to choose! Bring the best crazy face and moves…this is Rock & Roll baby!
  • “Rock Band Extravaganza”: VEISHEA will be co-sponsoring this activity–and yes, you will be able to play Rock Band! It’s personally one of the best games ever; an awesome time with your friends…prepare yourself to sing, play the guitar/bass, the crazy drums or SING your heart out to Rock & Roll!
  • Salsa Dance Lessons:Co-sponsored by the group Descarga. They will teach you the best moves they have for you to master this very-oh-so-awesome Latin dance style!
  • “Rock Your Body” (Photo Booth): Grab a friend and enjoy of the old-fashioned photo booth to get fun rock themed pictures with them! (Co-sponsored by ISU Public Relations Student Society of America)
  • Henna Tattoos: the International Student Council will get artistic with you and give you the opportunity to get Henna tattoos! They are the really cool patterned kind of tattoos you normally see on someones hand. They will last for a while too, so you can show off to your friends!
  • Taboo Tournament: Is that “Catch a Phrase” kind of game that will sure challenge you! It was at our last event as well, so if you enjoyed it the first time…why not a second time? (Co-sponsored by the Black Graduate Student Association)
  • Bowling and Billiards will also be open the whole night! But, with the addition of a Billiards challenge (Co-sponsored by the Billiards Club) Want to get more competitive tonight and love spending time in at the MU Underground? Try this!
  • Workspace craft of the night? Stenciled Street Art! You know the cool graffiti paintings you see on the streets? You can make your very own! How cool is that?

Oh wow! We have a lot of activities going on…yes we do! “But where’s the food?” I know guys…you will be able to get some nachos and different kind of sauces in our Nacho Bar tonight–and cookies, who doesn’t love cookies?

And the performers? Solo circus man, Charles Peachock; he was a juggler in American’s Got Talent…and he puts quite a show, so you should definitely check that out! Next, we will have The Whitest Kids U Know, a sketch comedy group famous on Youtube–they have a very college-style kind of humor, so this is definitely a must go! Come to laugh and be surprised by our performers tonight!

Another big detail, if you fill out one of our surveys, you can enter your name to get the chance to win an iPad by the end of the night! Tell us what you think and what we can improve on…we’ll really appreciate it!

Check out our poster and display case for the event!



Now you know, don’t tell me you are going to spend your Friday night in your lonely room! Get out of there, walk a few blocks, enter the Memorial Union and be entertained by what we have tonight! Is out last event of the semester, so you won’t want to miss it–we’re charged with fun activities for you…and for FREE! Grab some friends, or come alone…just get ready to rock today with ISU AfterDark!

See you there 🙂

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