The Fashion Show 2013!

Hi guys!

How’s your week going!?

For me, aside from busy, just making time with friends for coffee and writing some papers! To be truthful I don’t do much for VEISHEA during the week other, but then come the weekend…there’s the parade, the International Food Fair and booths around campus that I like to go to!

This past weekend was another fun one! I don’t know if it’s the “hope” for summer in the air, or what, but lately plans have been flooding my agenda. And I love it! But naturally, you may see me weary-eyed and disheveled the rest of the week around campus. Lol.

On Saturday I went to the annual Iowa State Fashion Show in Stephens Auditorium with two of my best friends! We were pretty close to the stage, at least closer than last year, and I manage to take some good pictures. And hey…it was NOT raining this time. Hah. If you wanna hear my The Fashion Show 2012 story, which is an entirely different one, clickย here. ๐Ÿ˜‰


This place was for sure crowded! I think even more than last year, and the guest designer, J.Brand, put on a good show too! I photographed some of my favorite looks below, so take a look! I love how this is one of the few, but very much coveted occasions to dress-up for a night! Even though it’s not such a huge part of my life any more as it used to be when I was back home and I used to go to many more high-school parties and activities with my friends, I still very much love it. ๐Ÿ™‚









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