21 things you should know before you’re 21.

Yes, because now I’m 21, there’s a list of things I can’t imagine not knowing how to do.


1. How to do your own laundry.

2. How to make a couple of healthy meals at home. This does not include putting pizza in the oven, toasting bread, or serving yourself some cereal. This means getting some pots and pans out!

3. How to differentiate between real friends and the fake ones.

4. How to administer your money. You definitely should not be using your credit card left and right if you can’t pay it.

5. How to travel by yourself.

6. How to organize a trip by yourself (a road trip for example).

7. How to wake up in the morning every day without the need to have somebody else get you out of bed.

8. How to befriend people from different cultural backgrounds and break those barriers.

9. How to ask for help when you need it.

10. You’re probably going to change ALOT during your college years. Be open for it.

11. How to embrace different perspectives and work in groups with others.

12. If you’re a girl, how to blow-dry your hair or flat-iron it. If you’re a guy, how to fix your own tie.

13. How to write a really good resume.

14. How to say “no” to things you don’t want to do and to peer pressure. Knowing when to walk away.

15. The things that are not good for you like smoking, drinking, and even not flossing.

16. That not eating breakfast is not a healthy practice.

17. The things that you really enjoy doing. Even if they are simple things like watching scary movies, gardening, etc. These are the things you will turn to when you need to destress.

18. That money comes and goes. So don’t limit yourself now in your college career just for the sake of getting by with no loans, or a ton of money saved just because, live in the present.

19. How to quit a job, break up with someone, or confront a friend without ruining every relationship.

20. That your problems are not everyone-else- around -your -offices problem.

21. How to dance to at least something. Swing? Cha Cha? Salsa?


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