5 Ways To Make Your First Year AMAZING!!

With the beginning of school quickly approaching I wanted to give you some suggestions of things you should do your first year at Iowa State! These are some things I enjoyed during my first year here at Iowa State! I hope you take these to heart and be encouraged to make the most of your first year! I am so excited for all the new students!!

  1. Try Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do- Now, I don’t mean anything crazy or illegal! For me it was things like participating with the College Republicans in the “Free Speech Zone” when President Obama came. Normally I would walk by and be like “oh my gosh.. Are these people really standing here shouting and holding sings?!” I decided to go out of my comfort zone and join in! It was a good feeling doing something different! So give it a try whether it be something like that or joining a club you wouldn’t normally be interested in, getting involved with and learning about something you know nothing about, or taking a class not in your major. Things along that line. You never know what you’ll end up liking!
  2. Get To Know The Iowa State and Ames Stories/Myths- Who doesn’t like a little folklore? Iowa State, as well as Ames, have some pretty interesting stories to tell. Some are true, and others.. well you can decide for yourself! One of my favorite things to do with my fraternity brothers is to go out and go past “The Shrine” in Ames. I’m not going to ruin the story for you, but if you’re interested then google the story and do a little research. 🙂 There are also some “scary” and funny stories about the Iowa State campus that are fun to hear. Another cool thing that you will probably learn about eventually is that Iowa State University was involved with the Manhattan Project. Make it a goal to find out about the Manhattan Project and the involvement Iowa State University had with it. There is something cool about campus that is there because of the project! I won’t ruin the surprise! 😉
  3. Get Involved!- One of the greatest things Iowa State University has to offer is the wide selection of things to do! Iowa State has some pretty sweet and fun intramural activities! It’s a pretty big deal to win a “Intramural Champion” shirt! (Side note- My flag football team totally won the intramural championship last year. Not to brag or anything! :P) They have so many different things you can participate in, it’s crazy!! Check out their website and see if there is anything you would be interested in! Another thing I HIGHLY suggest is joining a club! There is a club for literally everyone! I mean.. look at that list! I know you found something that interests you! Now when you get to Iowa State… GO JOIN!!!!! Clubs are a fun time! One more suggestion for getting involved: Try and get involved with things within your college or major. It will help you get to know the people you’ll be spending the next four years with. The more people you know within your college, the better! You never know who can help you with what!
  4. Meet Your Professor- This will be said a lot  by your advisers and by your professors. Take this advice seriously! It is good to go meet with your professor in the first few weeks of every semester. Either make and appointment or just stop in during their office hours. This doesn’t have to be a speed dating this where you have to share every little detail about each other, but it is good to have your professor know who you are, and what some of your goals are. Especially in your first year when your classes are on the bigger side. Meeting your professor will show them that you care, and it makes it easier to go and talk to them in the middle of the semester if you might be having problems. That could end up being the difference between and A or B. If professors see that you care and are working hard they will usually work with you!
  5. HAVE FUN!!– Okay, this is just a given! Iowa State University is an awesome school with a lot to offer, and Ames is a just as awesome town with a lot to offer as well! Enjoy being at Iowa State and in college. These are some of the best years of your life, so live them to the fullest and have a lot of fun during your adventure!!

This list could really go on forever, but I will spare you all! Incoming students: Let me know in the comments what is on your list of things to do your first year at Iowa State University! Current Students: Feel free to chime in with things you think incoming students should do their first year at Iowa State!

See you in August!!


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