Do you know what it is you want to do?

Hello there, lost souls. 😉


I wonder if it’s hit you already.

You know, reaching the point when you second-guess every decision you’ve made up until now and you wonder if you’re on the right track when it comes to what you’re preparing yourself to be. For some of us, it takes a longer journey of highs and lows to finally understand ourselves a little better, while for others…well, let’s just say it seems as if they’ve known all their lives. Consider yourself lucky if you can put yourself in the latter category, I know I didn’t, and let’s just say my path has been a twisting one full of drops and climbs.

I think it’s a very typical for freshmen to doubt themselves a lot during their first year. A lot of classes are composed of huge lecture halls, the introduction to biology class you thought you were going to love proves to be harder than you initially imagined, and finally you’re starting to get a first-hand imagery of what other majors look like embodied; by meeting people from absolutely every college at ISU and imagining yourself in their shoes.

Wow, as I say this, images of my best friend Giselle and I during our freshman year pop into my head: We loved to study together all the time, and we were both in the science fields. She was an animal science major and I was biology, so we took all the biology and chemistry introduction classes. And we definitely heard each others doubts and complaints. On the inside I was always thinking of psychology and she was considering being an artist. We knew there had to be something else other than that which we initially experienced.

So the thing about coming to college is that you’re always bound to discover much more than what you bargained for. You all know this, I’m sure. Friends push you to do things you’ve never done before, like join a dance club, you meet people who challenge your beliefs and in the end, you start finding your niche, where you belong. And you are continually doing this. You never really stop, even if you’re already a senior, like me, it happens that you’re always reinventing yourself. Work in progress, we are, aren’t we?

So I changed to psychology, loved it. Then I started writing again like I had always loved to do when I was little. And I asked myself why I didn’t become a creative writing major? Then I studied abroad in Italy this past summer and took a photography class, loved it. Then I asked myself, why didn’t I do design and art instead? Truthfully, there’s a huge list of things I could’ve done, and if you find me around campus now and ask me how would I do it differently, I would probably tell you that if I knew then what I know now I probably would’ve been a photography major, or some kind of artsy thing.

And that’s OK! I’m not trying to sound morbid when I say that I would do something different, I understand that the path where I am now lead me to discover things I never really imagined I would. And who knows? Maybe if I would’ve picked something different I wouldn’t have discovered these things about myself. And yeah, I am a senior. But that doesn’t mean I stop here. No, no, I’m looking very much ahead at the new chapter of my life and seeing it with new eyes, and as the opportunity that it is to start fresh, with the knowledge that I have gained in the place where I am.

So for those of you who aren’t wasting any time in getting to know your real interest, join the club, at Iowa State’s Major Fair. 

The event is meant to help you explore different majors, minors, and overall, careers that you’ve been thinking about. It’s a chance to explore all majors in one place! Representatives from over 100+ majors will be there to answer your questions and provide you with information.

Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Location: Memorial Union Great Hall

Time: 10am-2pm 

* Photo via The Guardian. 

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